3 Tips for Finding A Perfectly Unique Homestead Name


What's in a name?

Your homestead name can accomplish a lot more than you might think. It can attract an ideal customer and keep not so ideal customers away. It can even help people better understand the products you provide. Your business name needs to communicate to your ideal customers who you are and what you do. Here are 3 tips to help you create a unique name perfect for your homestead business.

1. Look into the past for your future name

Research is your best friend often times researching the history of your property and the surrounding areas might just provide you with a ton of options to work with!

This can include old landmarks, pioneers, and other historically significant information. By using any of the historical information in your homestead name says… “I'm from around here, and I'm a part of this community!”

2. Let's Get Personal

Adding a personal touch to your Homestead name says were a family owned and operated business without having to say we're a family owned and operated business! :)

Make a list of family names and locations where your ancestors originated. List first and last names from your family tree, nicknames and locations from your family history. Using unique family names or locations are a great conversation starter and cause curious customers to seek you out!

3. Get Found In Translation

Translate a few of your favorite words in the language of your ancestors. For example, say you have French ancestry, and you plan on selling flowers. Flower is Fleur in French, so you could name your farm Petite Fleur Farm. TIP: make sure the foreign words are easy to read and type.

BONUS TIP: Find synonyms of some of your favorite words. Click here to find different words that have the same meaning.

We hope you find these tips helpful. These are excerpts from our Farm Name Formula e-workbook. We created this e-workbook to walk you through the whole process of finding your perfectly unique homestead name. No more stressing and lamenting over all the little things, just clear step by step easy to follow instructions!

Our 27-page Farm Name Formula interactive workbook helps you come up with your own unique farm name with:

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  • Over 150 words mix and match to make your farm name distinctive
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  • 4 ways to check see if the name you want to use is available
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