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  • Websites

    This Homestead Website is going to become your favorite farm hand, with built-in tools to take the guesswork out of getting the word out about your products and services. We even include step-by-step education on creating all the content you need to attract your ideal customers.

  • You can turn your homestead into your full time income, and it starts with having a website, so customers can find you.

  • As a homesteader, do you need a website in a world focused on social media? The short answer is yes.

    With the pay-to-play mindset most social networks have these days by making you pay to reach your followers, having a website is super important.

  • Articles

    A lot of people ask whether they need a website to make their homestead self-sustaining. Your goal is to cover the costs of your homestead, and in order to do that you need to sell or barter things you make with other people in your community.

  • Websites

    Your domain name literally says everything about your business. So, taking the time to get it right is extremely important. The good news is this lesson walks you through the best practices for finding the very best domain name.

    Do you need a .com?

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    You need a website with built-in tools made specifically for homesteaders by homesteaders.