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  • If you're reading this, chances are you're in business. And if you're in business, you have competitors.  There are bound to be other businesses in close proximity vying for the same customers. They may be nipping at your heels, or they may be miles ahead, but either way, they're there.

  • Homestead Business Success Path

    Everyone starts their homestead journey with a desire to be more self-sufficient, live closer to the land, and carve out a little place for themselves. One of the things that is important to remember is that in the past, people relied on one another and didn’t do everything thems

  • Websites

    As a homesteader, do you need a website in a world focused on social media? The short answer is yes.

    With the pay-to-play mindset most social networks have these days by making you pay to reach your followers, having a website is super important.