Power Tips For Choosing A Perfect Domain Name

Power Tips For Choosing A Perfect Domain Name

Your domain name literally says everything about your business. So, taking the time to get it right is extremely important. The good news is this lesson walks you through the best practices for finding the very best domain name.

Do you need a .com?

Domain name extensions are what comes after the domain name. (Example: SmallTownAndRural.com) To this day, the .com domain extension is the most popular domain extension on the internet. While there are tons of other domain name extensions available .com is still the most popular. This is because a majority of the time people try to find you by looking for Your Business Name followed by .com! In a perfect world, YourBusinessName.com is just waiting for you to register it with as a domain name registrar. Domain name registrars host your domain name in order to make it visible online. If your YourBusinessName.com is not available, don’t worry, plan B is to find an easy to remember domain name.

Plan B

If another business has already registered YourBusinessname.com as mentioned above, your best bet is to find an easy to remember domain name.

Example: Your business name is Cleaner Carpets but CleanerCarpets.com is taken, then you should look for variations such as GetCleanerCarpets.com.

If you're just starting your business and your business name is somewhat generic, you should consider renaming your business in order to have a matching .com domain name.

The last thing you want to do is get CleanerCarpets.net because most people will look for CleanerCarpets.com, and then you have potentially lost the sale. Even if the competing business is in another state, most people will not take the time to hunt down your domain name.

Keep It As Short & Simple As Possible

A short, simple, and straight forward domain name like YourBusinessName.com makes it easier for customers to find you and the faster they can find you the easier it is for them to decide to purchase from you.

Make It Simple To Spell

If you're unable to register the ideal short and simple domain name, you can register a longer domain name as long as you make sure it is easy to spell. Example: SmallTownAndRural.com ;)

Avoid Accidental Awkwardness

Because domain names do not contain spaces, they can sometimes form, let’s say, accidentally awkward words. We once had a client who had a bridal expo, name Wedding Inspirations Expo. Great name!! But weddinginspirationsexpo.com made for a fairly awkward domain name.

Just Say No-To-Hyphens

Do not register a hyphenated domain name. Nobody will be able to find your website.

Be Trademark Aware

If YourBusinessName.com is already taken, and you’re looking for alternative domain names, make sure it does not infringe on any existing trademarks. https://www.uspto.gov/ is a valuable resource.

Avoid Acronyms

Quick look at the US trademark domain name (in the link above), now look away and say what the domain name is without looking at it. Like hyphens, acronyms do not work and are proven to be near impossible to remember.

We Can Help

If you're feeling stumped, it oftentimes helps to be able to run your ideas by someone in the know who has a lot of experience finding great domain names. So, if you get stuck or just want to get our insights into your domain name choices, just email us to set up a consultation.