Who Is Your Ideal Customer?


You may have heard the term ideal customer throw out on the internet, or even in one of our live talks. So what is the big deal? What is an Ideal Customer, and why should you care?

Your Ideal Customer is a person who needs your products and services and are willing to pay your price because of who you are, the benefits you provide, or how you make them feel. 

One of the traps we consistently see small businesses fall into is trying to increase foot traffic and or sales by trying to appeal to as many people as possible all at the same time! Unfortunately, in order to accomplish this they end up with watered down, and generic marketing campaigns.

The most important thing you can do to avoid this trap is to know exactly who your ideal customers are. Once you know who they are, you're able to market your business directly to the people you know will buy your products.

Think about it this way: Which would be more effective, selling eggs to a vegan, a chicken farmer, someone out-of-state or a local mother of 3 that is looking for ways to feed her children more nutritious food? 

  • The vegan isn't interested in your product.
  • The chicken farmer already has chicken eggs, so they don't need your product.
  • The person who is out-of-state is too far away to get your eggs.
  • However, the local mother needs your product and is in your service area.

It is going to be a lot easier to sell your eggs to the local mother and will be a better use of your marketing time and budget. Discovering your ideal customer allows you to find and connect to people who are ready to purchase your products.

That being said, we have seen first hand how much anxiety it can cause just trying to figure out where to even start when it comes to identifying your ideal customer.

So we created a course, Grow More Sales, to walk you step by step through the process. Each question you answer brings you one step closer to identifying your ideal customer and making more sales.

By the time you're done going through the course, you're going to have in-depth ideal customer profile, the ability to create marketing campaigns with complete confidence, and see an actual increase in the percentage of sales you make.

Here is what's really exciting: After you start marketing to your ideal customers, you will be well on your way to cultivating repeat customers, establishing customer loyalty, and experiencing an explosion of word of mouth marketing.