Social Media 101: How To Add Alt Text To Your Image

Social Media 101

Today we will teach you how to add Alt Text to your image on Instagram in 2 easy steps. Alt Text is a new feature recently made available by Instagram.

Adding Alt Text or Alternative Text to your post gives more information to the Instagram algorithm so they can share your post with people who want to see your content. It is used by screen readers to give the visually impaired access to your content and makes your Instagram posts searchable on Google, Bing and other search engines.

The Steps to add Alt Text to your image:

  1. On the very bottom of the caption page, tap on “Advanced Settings”. You will see a list of additional options for your post.
  2. Under “Accessibility”, tap on “Write Alt Text”.
  3. When writing your Alt Text, you want to describe your picture. Example: Field of grains. In the field is a red tractor with a farmer driving it. There is a 100-character limit for your Alt Text description, so try to keep it simple and short.

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