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    Your domain name literally says everything about your business. So, taking the time to get it right is extremely important. The good news is this lesson walks you through the best practices for finding the very best domain... Read more

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    When you decide to purchase a tool to use at your homestead, there are some tools worth investing in. Anyone who has spent time repairing something knows having the right tool for the job can be the difference between a five-... Read more

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    Free Resources is a website used for making customized landing pages with links of your content such as blogs, products, social media links and more.

    Your links added in appear as buttons with titles (and can have... Read more

  • Social Media 101 ebook
    Social Media 101 ebook

    We understand that you are already full up with running your business, and don't have time to learn how to use another complicated social network! That is why we created Social Media 101 for busy business owners like you.... Read more

  • Brand Evaluation Workbook
    Brand Evaluation Workbook

    This ebook will help evaluate your branding, so you can ensure it is distinctive, consistent and able to grow with your business. You'll know exactly where to focus your attention to make your business more successful!

    ... Read more

  • Free Resources
    Free Resources

    Want to use hashtags to reach more people, but don't have time to do the research? We found the perfect #hashtags for your next post!

    This ebook includes: