9 Ways To Upgrade Your Instagram Captions (Plus FREE Ebook)

9 Ways To Upgrade Your Instagram Captions (Plus FREE Ebook)

Stop The Scroll And Get More Attention!

When you are a busy business owner, trying to carve out the time to share posts on your social media can be difficult especially if you aren't getting the attention you need to get awareness and attract more customers. In this article we are sharing 9 ways to upgrade your Instagram captions so you can stop your potential customer from scrolling by your Instagram photos.

1. Add an attention grabbing first line

The first line of your caption needs to grab your potential customer's attention right away and encourage them to read more. This first line is just as important as a blog title or email subject line.

2. Add more information to your post

Each post should tell a story, teach something new, inspire your customer or pitch your product or services.

3. Add a call-to-action

Tell your potential customer the next step you want them to take after they read your post. This is one of the most important steps! Without a call-to-action, your customer will keep scrolling onto the next post.

4. Add Emojis

Decorate your post with emojis. Not only do they make your post more visually interesting, but they also help it stand out from the crowd.

5. Add hashtags to the end of your caption

Instagram hashtags are the key to helping new people find your posts and getting more engagement.

6. Tag people mentioned in your caption

Tagging any people and businesses you mention in your post is a great way to get attention both by their fans and by them.

7. Add your location to get found

Adding your business location, service area or a location relevant to your caption is an awesome way to get more visibility.

8. Share to other social media sites

Tap the toggle button to share your post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

9. Add alternative text

Tap advanced settings to add alternative text. This gives your post a boost just like hashtags and can increase visibility.

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