6 Benefits of Using Linktr.ee + FREE How To Ebook

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You've probably seen the website Linktr.ee mentioned all over the internet lately, and maybe even in the bio of your favorite Instagram farmer. The big question is, what is Linktr.ee and why does everyone love it? In this article we will teach you all about Linktr.ee and the benefits of using the handy website for your business. At the end of this article, we've included a FREE step-by-step ebook on how to use Linktr.ee for your social media marketing!

What Is Linktr.ee?

Linktr.ee is an Australian website used for making customized landing pages with links of your content such as blogs, products, social media links and more.

Your links added in Linktr.ee appear as buttons with titles (and can have images if you get Pro) that you can customize with your own text. When clicked or tapped, they bring your followers to your link.

Benefits Of Linktr.ee

1. All Your Links In One Place

With your Linktr.ee landing page you get to have a go-to page for leading your clients to your blog posts, content, products and more. This is a must for all social media posting because it makes call-to-actions super easy without having to use a link shortener each and every time you want to direct traffic to your website. The best way to get your followers to see your Linktr.ee landing page is to add it to your social media bio or in your website box. 

2. You Can Promote More On Limited Social Networks

Linktr.ee is often used on Instagram bios, since you can’t use links in Instagram captions, to direct followers to your bio to read more. Instead of having the hassle of changing the link in your bio each time you promote something new, you can just add your new link to your Linktr.ee page and you’re done!

It is also perfect for sites with text limits such as Twitter as it’s a small link.

3. It Is Very Easy To Use

Linktr.ee has easy-to-use navigation, and it is convenient to add or remove any links from your landing page. 

4. Promote Affiliate Links

This website makes marketing affiliate link products on your Instagram possible.

5. Helps Potential Customers Learn About You

With your blog posts, products and social media links all in one place, it makes it easy for your potential customers to learn about you before buying your products or services.

6. Free Plan

The free plan on Linktr.ee works great and dosen’t feel too limited. You can add unlimited links and you can even share your Linktr.ee page offline with QR codes.

Now you know why Linktr.ee is a great tool for social media marketing and getting new customers. What are you waiting for? Sign up for our Free Small Town & Rural Marketing Toolbox and download our FREE "How To Set-Up & Use Linktr.ee" ebook!