5 Attention Grabbing Ways to Start Your Instagram Post


Every Post Needs To Captivate

When writing your posts for social media, you need to captivate your audience, and in order to that you first need to need their full attention. Since Instagram only shows the first sentence, you need to take the time to carefully craft it so your audience will need to click on Read More. Copywriting can be challenging which is why we put together 5 highly effective tips to craft captivating Instagram posts.

1. Grabbing Their Attention
Start with what you know your audience wants then tell them how to get it. Example: “Want attention on your Instagram posts? Here’s how to make a scroll-stopping caption!”

2. Make A List
List posts are some of the most popular types of posts on the internet. Examples: “5 Of Our Wines That Pair Well With Salmon” or “5 Things We Love About Farming As A Family”.

3. The Secret
Who doesn't want to learn a secret? Examples: “The Secret To Cooking With Wine” or “The Secret To Finding Organic Local Produce!”

4. Pique Their Curiosity
Another way to capture people's attention is to make them curious. Example: “How Affordable Luxuries Will Save Small Town And Rural Businesses”.

5. Fix It Now
What big problem is your product or service fixing for your customers? Examples: “Add more veggies to your diet with our new CSA!” or “Having car trouble? Our highly skilled mechanics are here to help you”.

TIP: If you are having a hard time coming up with a good title, try writing your post first. When you are done, look for the best fit using the 5 tips we provided above.

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